ANGRY BLACK WOMEN (vlog): Black People With British Accents Let’s Talk About It

Happy Angry Black Women Wednesdays

Angry Black Women a satirical, social commentary series created by MADtv guest star, Dahéli Hall and Tickles.TV founder HaJ, about two Angry Black Women.  The characters Angry Black Women 1 is played by Dahéli and Angry Black Women 2 is played by HaJ. Yes these are their names because isn’t this how the world refers to Black women who have unapologetic opinions? Well these women are not apologizing. F*ck perpetuating the stereotype it’s time to break real sh*t DOWN and explore why Black women might just have a right to actually be ANGRY!

In this preview, released January 26, 2015, (the year of #oscarsowhite, the year before #oscarsoblack) Angry Black Women 2 states that she’s angry about Black people being angry about the film director of Selma, Ava DuVernay, not being nominated an Academy Award for Best Director. Angry Black Women 2 thinks it’s pretty obvious that Ava was never going to get the nomination. Why? She’s just not British. Everyone knows that Black Brits in America are seen as less threatening. Angry Black Women 1 takes it a step further by proposing another thought; would Eric Garner still be alive today if he was a Black Brit? If that gentle, classy Queens English accent came through when he stated, “I Can’t Breathe?” Too far? Not at all. Real talk, real issues. Welcome to the world of Angry Black Women. 


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