ANGRY BLACK WOMEN (a comedy): Could Kim K’s ASS #BringOurGirlsBack ?

Does anyone remember just over a year ago the hashtag that swept the nation #BringOurGirlBack ? In a rare moment, the nation was on board with wanting the betterment of the lives of little Black girls. Yes you read right, little BLACK girls. And then the nation moved on.

Here we are again a little over a year with more black and brown girls missing. On twitter someone made a joke that struck a real nerve, stating that there was more hustle and attention around getting Tom Brady’s jersey back than our girls. Although this may or may not be a little bit of a harsh joke insulting people including police authority that genuinely do care and still invested, there is still a little dab of truth there as far as society. Why is that? Why is that when media moves on we move on? Or rather back on to Kim Kardashian? Let is be also noted that there is an assumption when black and brown girls go missing it’s because they are runaways. 

In this vlogisode, Angry Black Woman 1 and Angry Black Woman 2 discuss two things one might think are totally disconnected from each other but can totally be connected, the #BringBackOurGirls campaign and Kim Kardashian’s ass. Therefore, Angry Black Women are forced to consider if Kim Kardashian’s ass can for once do some good for real societal issues  like Bringing Back Our Girls. 




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