“It’s like working for some N*ggas” Did Really Say That?

You ever have that one Black person in your office who is unwilling to make a connection with the white people in your office but then looks at you side ways for doing so…hatin’.

In this vlogisode, Angry Black Woman 1 tells a story about a fellow Black woman in her office named Sharese. If there are two things you need to know about Sharese it’s 1) she is a Black woman who is always angry 2) she does not like white people.

Although Sharese is bold in her hate towards white people when around Angry Black Women 1, she isn’t bold in letting any possibility of someone white hear her hate. Sharese has never said the words “white people” above a whisper in an office surrounded by white people but insists on talkin’ ‘bout white people any chance she gets.

Because Angry Back Woman 1 is unwilling to engage, Sharese eventually makes Angry Black Woman 1 her nemesis. Why? Angry Black Women 1 is nice to the white people. Angry Black Woman 1 thinks it’s because Sharese still thinks she’s on a plantation. Angry Black Woman 1 tells Angry Black Woman 2 the story of when the company card was given to Sharese to pick up lunch, but when Sharese returned there was no lunch. The card was declined. What did Shareece say about it? Enraged, she tells Angry Black Woman 1 “It was like working for some n*iggas!” The irony of Sharese’s hate towards white people ends up revealing how she really feels about n*ggas.


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