ANGRY BLACK WOMEN (a comedy): What’s the Meaning Behind Black Love?

Angry Black Women a satirical, social commentary series created by MADtv guest star, Dahéli Hall and Tickles.TV founder HaJ, about two Angry Black Women.  The characters Angry Black Women 1 is played by Dahéli and Angry Black Women 2 is played by HaJ. Yes these are their names because isn’t this how the world refers to Black women who have unapologetic opinions? Well these women are not apologizing. F*ck perpetuating the stereotype it’s time to break real sh*t DOWN and explore why Black women might just have a right to actually be ANGRY!

“Living by yourself, alone, with no one to love you.” Are not words you ever want to hear from a Black man especially a Black man that is  your father…

In this vlogisode, Angry Black Woman 1 and Angry Black Woman 2 discuss a tale as old as time. Love. Angry Black Woman 1 recounts her failed experiences with the four-letter word. It does not help that not only do all the Black men in her family not see her ending up with anyone but especially not a black someone to love. Why is that? Why is specifically Black Love absolutely not in the card for Angry Black Woman 1. Could it be that Angry Black Woman 1 is too loud and too opinionated but she’s also an artist and what Black man wants to be with that! [sarcasm] What makes it worse for Angry Black Woman 1 is that Angry Black Woman 2 cosigns on this despite being loud, opinionated and an artist herself and who ironically has found Black love. Why is Black Love still seen as something that folks strive for? Why is it something that some people know that they are not destined for? Angry Black Women talk it out…


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