ANGRY BLACK WOMEN (a comedy): More Kevin Hart & Slave films PLEASE!

Why is that Hollywood is more likely to produce Love & Hip Hop the musical with rachetness rather than a sci-fi film starring a Black female alien that cures AIDS with her tears?

(It’s more of a rhetorical question…)

In this vlogisode of ANGRY BLACK WOMEN, both angry Black women recall their experiences with rejection in Hollywood. With a recent move to Atlanta, Angry Black Woman 2 explains that she could no longer deal with white people telling her that she’s not black enough.

It’s too hard for Black people to pitch movie ideas to Hollywood executives if they don’t include Kevin Hart or a slave.

No shocker. However, Angry Black women 1 still believes you can change the system from the inside and tries to encourage Angry Black Woman 2 to be hopeful. But after the last executive shut down Angry Black Woman 2’s script idea about Black people in space, Angry Black Women 2 plans on remaining in the A, which by the way has its own industry buffoonery. #dontgettickled



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