ANGRY BLACK WOMEN (a comedy) : How to answer that AWKWARD question at every social gathering?

Hollywood parties should be fun right? Wrong

In this vlogisode, Angry Black Women discuss the rules and downfalls of going to a Hollywood party. Rule number one? Say anything but the truth. When it comes to the dreadful question of “So what are you up to?” nobody wants to know because they genuinely don’t care. They are only asking to see if you’re doing better than them or if they’re doing better than you.

Angry Black Woman 1 hasn’t quite mastered this lesson. So when she shows us at a Hollywood party with no date and depressed over her flailing career that she shares with other guests it’s no wonder why she cannot hold any of the attendees’ interest. Angry Black Woman 1 forgot the #1 rule of the game- lie. Angry Black Woman 2 tells Angry Black Woman 1 she should have hired a fake man to accompany her to the Hollywood party and rented an expensive dress made out of diamonds. Or another alternative is to do what Angry Black Woman 2 does when wanting to avoid the “So what are you up to” question, pretend to be pregnant.


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