ANGRY BLACK WOMEN (a comedy): Is my white friend trying to use the N-word?

Angry Black Women a satirical, social commentary series created by MADtv guest star, Dahéli Hall and Tickles.TV founder HaJ, about two Angry Black Women.  The characters Angry Black Women 1 is played by Dahéli and Angry Black Women 2 is played by HaJ. Yes these are their names because isn’t this how the world refers to Black women who have unapologetic opinions? Well these women are not apologizing. F*ck perpetuating the stereotype it’s time to break real sh*t DOWN and explore why Black women might just have a right to actually be ANGRY!

Do you think animals mind you calling them the N sounding word?

In this vlogisode, Angry Black Woman 2 discusses how her white friend calls her up to ask if it would be inappropriate to name her cat Nickers. Despite the fact that Angry Black Woman 2’s white friends’ mothers’ colleague already warned her not to. (Follow along people) However, still insisting on naming the cat (K)Nickers, Angry Black Woman 2’s white friend looks for Angry Black Woman’s black approval. Without considering the social consequences, Angry Black Woman 2 gives her white friend her black approval before realizing a problem that could occur later on…what if the white friend looses her cat in these streets? No one wants to hear a white person yelling, NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICKERS!



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