ANGRY BLACK WOMEN (a comedy): How to book a Black role in Hollywood

Created by Tickles.TV

Why are Black Women so angry? Good question but there are so many answers. For one, how would you feel if society not only made you angry but then had the nerve to stereotype you as an Angry Black Woman after making yo’ ass angry in the FIRST place!?

In this vlogisode, Angry Black Women recant their real life experiences auditioning and witnessing stereotypical roles that Black Women often have to portray in Hollywood. Everything from the angry black judge, the angry black government worker, the angry black parking ticket lady and of course the angry black TSA agent. Now truth be told sometimes Black women in these real life roles can in fact be angry. But shiiiiiiiiiiit, what do you expect after dealin’ wit a bunch of societal bullshiiiiiiiiiiit like being placed the lowest on the totem pole.

To make matters worse – the audition process for Black women usually includes some white person telling them to be more “Black.” Of course not everyone says these exact words – instead they tell you to channel Monique from Soul Plane because her sassy and neck rolling attitude is exactly what it means to be a Black Woman… and Black women are of course always sassy and especially ANGRY!

The irony is that white women never seem to be stereotyped as angry despite all of those Lifetime movies starring angry white women. Oh! And don’t even get us started on Glenn Close from DAMAGES who not only always looked angry but was a killer!

You obviously have to be pretty angry to be a killer! #angrywhitewomen #dontgettickled


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