What is an Urban Chameleon? HaJ, Tickles.TV Creator & Founder Shares…

By HaJ Creator & Founder of Tickles.TV

haj creator and founder Tickles.TV

Hi I’m HaJ and I’m an Urban Chameleon. I grew up in Brooklyn, pre-gentrification…you know, waaaaaaay before those four white girls from HBO got there. (Lena Dunham don’t know nothing about dat).

This was way before their were bellinis, mimosas, beignets, pesto basil and things like foie gras. It was just curry chicken, fried chicken, Dutch Masters and gunshots! 

But my parents wanted more for me so they did what any parent trying to raise an Urban Chameleon does…they sent me to school with white people. I had to eventually learn how to equip myself with the skills of an Urban Chameleon;

I had to learn how to sip high tea and throw it back

I had to learn how to two step without utilizing too much hip and drop it like it’s hot

I had to learn when and where it was ok to pronounce the “et” in words like Moet

I had to learn how to run these Power points in these corporate boardrooms and how to run these streets

If this sounds like you, you too just might be an Urban Chameleon. Welcome to Tickles.TV Home of the Urban Chameleon.



Meet Funnel Cake Flowers, the Urban Chameleon new reporter

funnel cake flowers













Are you an Urban Chameleon? 

Urban Chameleons are people of color who chameleon between white corporate America and their kinky hair handling, curry spice eating, hip-gyrating America. I’m  Funnel Cake Flowers, the resident Urban Chameleon news reporter who gathers stories from people just like you who just need to “release” to a community who understands and gets your pain. Read what others have already submitted. Have an Urban Chameleon story? E-mail me at  tickles.tv@gmail.com to be featured (even anonymously) Don’t worry, we know how it is and won’t share your government name if you choose.



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