Top 8 Thing That Are Tickling Us This Week: Betsy Devos, Sean Spicer #DiddyCrop, Urban Chameleon Graduation Advice

By Dale St. Marthe

1. Betsy DeVos Booed at HBCU

The “white gal” Daffy Duck the barbershop quartet coon for the moment is referring to is Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos.

It’s hilarious how this tweet flips the narrative here. While most of Black Twitter is wondering about why they would let Betsy DeVos speak at an HBCU, and praising the fact that the students of Bethune-Cookman University booed and turned their backs on her, this tweet puts some heat on the president of the school.

It was the university president Edison Jackson that invited her there despite protest from the students. To make matters worse it was their graduation as well. Why would invite someone from an administration that’s threatening to defund HBCUs to speak at your graduation ceremony? Well, the students showed their anger, and their backs, and Jackson actually said in response to their protest “your degrees will be mailed to you. Choose which way you want to go.”

Alright Jackson I see you. She better be slipping your university money on the low with that kind of remark. Those students have free speech, and they have all the right to voice their concerns against Ms. DeVos. Otherwise you sound a little coon-ish in this instance.

2. #BowWowChallenge

Bow wow, you don’t need to stunt on us my g, especially when you have to put your credibility on the line. It’ fine if you just stay lowkey, nobody is really looking out for anything you do.

But he had to go and take a picture of his private jet and post in on Instagram, only for the internet to find out that it’s not actually his jet, but an image from a Transportation companies’ website. Now he done started a whole hashtag centered on his fake flex.

This one is good; he definitely would have gotten away with this on Snapchat, until someone asks for a ride.

If the #BowWowChallenge has taught us anything, it’s that if you want to finesse a picture for Insta you gotta be very clever with it.

3. Steve Harvey Wants More Alone Time

Steve Harvey, a very important figure whether it be in a positive or negative light, sent out a somewhat aggressive memo to his staff this week, and Black Twitter seems torn on whether it was too aggressive or not.

Among other things in it he demands people make appointments with him instead of just walking into his dressing room, and to also avoid speaking with him while he on the makeup chair, which is a reasonable request, you don’t want the makeup person messing up your contour because someone wants to talk.

But my absolute favorite part of the memo is where he says “Do not wait in any hallway to speak to me. I hate being ambushed. Please make an appointment. I promise you I will not entertain you in the hallway, and do not attempt to walk with me.”


I’m with Steve on this one. The guy probably has people bugging him all the time, always in his office, always in his face asking all them questions. I know my fellow Urban Chameleons would want send out the same memo to everybody at their office, especially to those white employees that want to ask you about every aspect of your life. It would also include “Don’t give me that weird white people smile in the hallway either.”


That joint creeps me out.

4. Another Trump Supporter Bites The Dust

I live for racist getting what’s coming to them.

They want to be big and bad in the moment. This guy had the nerve to start shouting to a Muslim family on vacation “Donald Trump will stop you! Donald Trump got you motherfuckers. Watch… watch” and other such trivial things. He looked angry while doing it, maybe even confident. But he doesn’t look so threatening in this mug shot. To be honest, he looks like a kid who crying because his mom said “Go get the belt, I’m not gonna say it again!”


If you can’t take it then don’t dish it.

5. Sean Spicer Hiding in Bushes

Privacy seems to be the theme of the week.

However, Sean Spicer gets no sympathy even though his boss is laughably incompetent. I could imagine why he would want to hide away from the press in the wake of James Comey, former FBI Director, being fired. But you have to say something to the press, you are literally the Press Secretary sir Spiceman.

On the real, how do you cover up Trump’s obvious attempt at stop the ongoing investigation on him? Hiding, that’s how, hiding in a good ol’ hedge like it’s hide-and-seek at the playground.


Hiding like this Homer Simpson meme.

6. Breaking News: Logic (The Rapper) is Biracial

Logic released and album on Friday entitled “Everybody,” and everybody on Black Twitter was talking about it.

Evidently, a lot of the songs on this album are about his biracial-ness and the struggles he has because of it, and Black Twitter is…not torn but there is a little separation between opinions. The majority of Black Twitter does not subscribe to his use of the “tragic mulatto” trope; how he complains about not fitting in with Black people or white people, and how it dominates his album. The other side says that his complaints are legitimate and that Black Twitter is being a little hypocritical with this subject.

Well I had to take a look myself. Looking down the tracklist I could not believe my eyes where I saw the song title “AfricaAryaN.” My first reaction was “Did you really do that bro, why would you contaminate Africa’s name like that?” and hilariously enough Neil Degrasse Tyson is featured on this, which I really don’t know how to feel about. My second reaction was “Oh hell no this song is 11 minutes long I’m not listening to the whole thing.” But after a bit of skipping around I got the gist of it. To summarize the song with his own words he says towards the beginning:

“But my beautiful black brothers and sisters wanna act like I’m adopted/Go back in time when my ni**a daddy impregnated my cracker momma and stopped it.” Later, Logic says, “My skin fair, but life’s not.”

Ok that’s fair (see what I did there)? But there’s one more thing. J. Cole is featured on this and he says a peculiar line “Nigga, my advice, fuck the black and white shit/Be who you are, identify as a star.” No hold the phone J. Cole. Are you really going to encourage this young man to forget about his identity? The cops won’t forget about his Black side. And don’t people see you as Black J? How are you going to say forget about identity when it’s such a part of your music and who you are?

So my message to Logic is to choose an audience, but consider the fact that even with the white blood in your veins, to white people you are still Black. And also, my fifth reaction was to go to a different artist because I had heard enough coonery for the day.

7. #DiddyCrop

In the wake of the Met Gala, when all the celebrities had time to post their pictures on their respective social medias. Diddy has found a way to be even more extra than he was at the Met Gala.

Savage would be the word to describe Diddy, ruthless as well. On Instagram Kylie Jenner posted a picture that includes herself as well as Kendall Jenner, Wiz Khalifa, Migos, Travis Scott, Jaden Smith and Diddy. A few moments later and Diddy posts the same picture, except Kylie and Kendall Jenner are cropped out entirely, leaving just everybody with melanin in the picture.

This wasn’t subtle at all, Diddy was clearly trying to send a message. It was also tagged #blackexcellence so you know this was a conscious decision on Diddy’s side. He basically saying he supports people who don’t bite off the waves Black people are making like the Jenner sisters. Diddy knows what’s up.

8. A True #UrbanChameleon Move

Sometimes you have to make moves, and sometimes you have to make power moves like this graduate.

Not only is she graduating, but she’s exposing systematic oppression within the actual system. As long as you sound white on the phone, doors truly do open for you. It’s gotten to a point where Urban Chameleons do it instinctually, because once you get past that first hurdle they can’t really deny you to your face if they showed interest on the phone. That would be awfully suspicious of them. You have to know that from a young age like Savanna here, that’s how I know she’s an Urban Chameleon, finessing a job early. Good for her!


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