The Big Booty Following Bus Drivers

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Dear Funnel Cake Flowers,

As the weather begins to get nicer outside, I have to begin to get cautious of what streets I walk down and also make a point to walk on the side of the street against traffic. Every spring and summer it never fails where I will leisurely be out enjoying the great weather completely wrapped up in my own state of euphoria to suddenly be disrupted by the honking sound of a NYC public transportation bus driver.

Last summer I was walking home on Park Ave from a Pilate’s class. I was dressed in my form fitting workout attire, which does happen to accentuate my big booty, when I noticed a bus driver creeping behind me.


At first I thought to myself,
“Self are you just feeling yourself too much right now?”

However, there was a green light with no traffic to interfere with the acceleration of this bus driver’s gas pedal so I really had to wonder if this bus driver was really holding an entire bus hostage for the view of my booty.

When I mustered up enough courage to look up at him, he smiled and waved at me. I had to think to myself, “Brotha” (cause you know it was a brotha), “What are you really expecting to happen right now? Are you planning to pull your bus and its passengers over to the side and ask me what I’m doing Saturday night?”


I guess he did because after looking away he started to honk several times to get my attention. This is absolutely ridiculous as I felt I was on display to an entire bus load of passengers in the driver’s attempt to court me. I decided to turn off and walk along Lexington AGAINST traffic.

Oh shit is he turning his bus to continue following me!



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