Justin Simien of (Dear White People) shouts out Angry Black Women in Season 1 vlog Highlights

Oh what an angry season it has been. Just in case you missed it, don’t be angry, check out Angry Black Women season 1 highlights!

In this vlogisode, some of season 1’s greatest moments are replayed. We remember the moments such as when Angry Black Woman 2 first moved to Atlanta and offered the job to write Love & Hip Hop the musical, to when Angry Black Woman 1 was told to “channel Monique from Soul Plane” by a Hollywood casting agent. That moment of realization that your Black movie won’t be picked up by white Hollywood unless it stars Kevin Hart or a slave, to realizing that maybe Eric Garner would still be alive if he had a British accent. Hollywood is a tough place for Angry Black Women. Especially when they are only portrayed as sassy, confrontational black woman who always ANGRY. However despite the outward perception placed on Angry Black Women, in the words of Angry Black Women 2, “he anger is purposeful, strategic, and warranted. “

Unlike white Jewish Josh, which Hollywood always seems to make room for Angry Black Woman 1 and Angry Black Woman 2 make their own way.

Be sure to look out for Season 2 and in the meantime …stay angry. Follow on Twitter @ticklesTV


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