Join our ANGRY BLACK WOMEN premier at New York Television Festival

If you are in the New York area Tuesday, October 25th please join us for the screening of our original short, comedic, pilot ANGRY BLACK WOMEN created by Dahéli Hall and HaJ, directed by Angie Browne premiering at the New York Television Festival.
When: Tues. Oct 25th 6:15pm
Where: Helen Mills Theater
                 137 W. 26th Street
                  NYC 10001
Tickets are just $5 bucks in advance (10 cash at the door) See info in link below.

Description: Nothing makes Black women angrier than being called an “Angry Black Woman.” What might make them happy is a hilarious opportunity to explore why they might be angry in the first damn place. Or even why they might make other people angry. Turns out Black women are human. Who knew?! Created by DAHÉLI HALL & HAJ, Directed by ANGIE BROWNE, Director of Photography KATIE WALKER, Production Designer FRANCESCA MARCIANO, Costume Designer AUDBREY BINZER, Hair & Make up JANEAN JEFFRIES, Editor ARMIN NASSERI, Sound by MARCOS BUTRON JR., Line Producer ELAINE CARMODY, 1st AD KYLE DARE, Script Supervisor SAMANTHA MACLEOD, Production Assistants WHENDA WHOOLEY, ELIZABETH WORLEY, JORDAN BONTRAGER, Guest Starring ZEYNE GUZELDERELI, RAY KLEIN, CYNTHIA RUBE KLEIN, CHANNING SARGENT, SAMANTHA MACLEOD, NATALIE CARMUNAS, ELLI SHERRER, JORDAN BONTRAGER, AIDEN, SHUKRI R ABDI, ROBYN LEE, BECKY POOLE, WHENDA WOOLLEY, Music by SA-ROC “BLACK GOD THEORY

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