It’s Because I’m Black Right?

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Dear Funnel Cake Flowers,

I remember growing up to the tune of “It’s because I’m Black right?” For every situation where “we” encountered a “problem.”, this was the main punch line. It could be heard in movies, rap songs and Al Sharpton speeches. Ironically, however, I hadn’t heard the rhetorical question in quite some time. That was until the other day when I was shopping at Macy’s in Herald Square. I was in an irritable ass mood that had been concocted by the fluorescent lights, too many perfume scents and small children stepping on my Manolo Blahnik shoes. Haters.  

I always find myself slowly becoming an evil monster about to punch someone when shopping in department stores. Just as I was about to lose it, I excused myself from my husband to use the bathroom. There, I was greeted by a long ass line. A long ass line that further pissed me off. As I was waiting and trying not to lose it on this lady who kept bumping me with her shopping bags,  I hear this loud West Indian woman going off on this security guard.




I immediately turned to see who was out here being racist being that I was already pissed and wanting to knock somebody out.

Until I saw that the supposed “racist” was a West Indian security guard himself who went full into accent and replied “YES I WUD, I WUD HAVE SAID MOVE WHITE WOMAN!”

False alarm.



Not that I haven’t seen Black on Black hate, but this was a situation where homegirl was sprawled all out on the steps like she was in her living room. Crowds of people are trying to pass and in fact I then needed her to move. Especially since I was now coming out the bathroom and she was now in MY way.




All that to say is that we can’t always throw around the statement “It’s because I’m Black right” because if yo’ ass is  Black and actually wrong in the situation  (i.e. in someone’s way) then please do not pull the race card. Because every time you do you actually jeopardize the validity of all the situations when shit does goes down just because someone is black.

Take the case of Jason Derulo, Wendy Williams said, “This is not a Black thing, this is a jerk thing.” (skip to Timestamp 13:13 for the full story and commentary)

After you hear/view the story, I’m sure you will agree. Because sometimes, things just are what they are, except it. TMZ noted in their story that, “He says the pilot went nuts on him, and the cops were waiting as he got off. And, he says, if he wasn’t Jason Derulo and instead just a random black guy, he’d be in jail.”

What’s your take on all this?


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