Are Your Friends #White Woke? If so Give them a Shout Out!

By HaJ, Creator & Founder 

These days, determining who can earn the “woke” badge is difficult. There is an assumption that Black people are the only ones that can be woke out here in these streets. And not just any kind of Black folk but the head wrap wearing, incense burning, no pork eating Black folk. But the truth is Wokness sees no color. I know I personally  know a good number of White Woke Folks that know what’s up. Without White Woke Folks out here things would be a lot worst. Here’s a list by team tickles to help determine who’s White Woke! Please feel free to add to the list whoever you are….

  1. “Yes I Got Privilege”

Instead of those whiny white people who wade in guilt, woke whites acknowledge what they got and do something productive with it. They don’t just say they got your back and support their own interests. They don’t just use hashtags and feel like they’ve done their part. They know to ask themselves: what good is whiteness if I’m gonna hoard it for myself and not help and brotha and sista out?


  1. They STAY Researching

Once woke whites know what’s up you can find them reading Malcolm X’s biography and Audre Lore all day, every day. And the more they read about things they didn’t notice before, the angrier they become. Lawd, I’d stay out a woke white’s way when they at this stage.


  1. They Got Your Back

Woke whites don’t know how to stay quiet. They can’t help it. They will call you out on your racist Facebook microaggressions, on your ignorant water cooler comments, and your insensitive Halloween costumes — they give no fucks. And they will even do it when POC are not around! I know, you’re in shock too right? Can you imagine? White people who are allies even when black people aren’t watching?


  1. They Don’t Get Offended or Uncomfortable

Woke whites will not cringe when a POC says something about white people or mentions white supremacy.  You won’t even get a blink out of them y’all. Instead, they will actually listen to your critique, take notes on how they change, and act accordingly.


  1. Unfollow and Unfriend

Woke whites will not compromise for nothing y’all. Does their cousin on social media support Donald Trump? Unfriend. Does their old classmate post foul shit about banning immigrants? Unfollow. Does their coworker ramble on about #alllivesmatter? Block. Listen, these white people don’t play. And if they feel like it, they will tell you on yourself right before they do it.


  1. They Know When To Talk

You know those white people who always got to have center stage? Well, woke whites know better. And when it comes to struggle, they know that they don’t got the 411 on this better than black folks do. Woke whites know that there’s a time to add their 2 cents, and a time to fall back and take up the least amount of space possible.


  1. The Don’t Get All In Their Feelings

The minute a POC calls a white person out, that’s usually your cue to find your “white tears” mug to collect the never-ending river that’s on its way. But you ain’t got to worry about woke whites. Nah. Cause they don’t make it all about them when you’re telling them about you. Woke whites ain’t selfish. 


  1. They Call Things Out For What They Are

Woke whites state facts. It’s not “Urban Development” – its gentrification. It’s not cultural appreciation – its theft. It’s not “I was just showing Michele Obama some love on Halloween” – its blackface. Listen, woke whites got no time for lies, denial and perpetration y’all. They ain’t here for none of it. And if a woke white sees you playin’ around with black lives, you’re about to get told.


  1. All Discussions Aren’t For ‘Em

Woke whites know that every discussion about race doesn’t need their input. They are good with sitting in the backrow with their mouth closed and ears open. And they don’t get salty when you tell ‘em that they got to sit this “fight the power” meeting out. Woke whites know that safe space and centering black voices is key to dealing with white supremacy – and they put struggle the before themselves.


  1. Consistency

Woke whites know that when you’re woke, there’s no days off. This is a full-time job with no holidays or sick-days y’all. So they stay consistent and on point with their awareness, critiques, and support cause they know that racism doesn’t ease up for no one, and neither should their allyship.





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