8 Folks That Just Might Tickle You on Social Media

What tickles us is when folks on social media really land the perfect balance of hilarious-ness while sparking critical issues about important social issues. Ever since The Chappelle Show went off the air it’s not always easy to find this kind of food for thought. So here are 8 folks that caught our eye on an angle worth considering overlooked in mainstream media.

1. @aparnapkin on Rompers And Fragile Masculinity

Romper men kickstarter






That’s right rompers are the first subject for this roundup!

It all started when a startup called “RompHim” started promoting their KickStarter on Twitter, and Black Twitter caught wind of it. Yes the ad features 7 white fraternity looking guys and one of ambiguous race wearing brightly colored rompers, standing against a white wall, but Black Twitter really took off with the conversation.

One part of Black Twitter was against the notion of men wearing rompers of any kind for various reasons. Most of the reasons were a bit too hyper-masculine to hide the obvious hidden homophobia brought to the light by the idea of a man wearing anything but a t-shirt and shorts strictly…no variation allowed. And the other side of Twitter truly embraced the idea of rompers for guys. A lot of the Black men on Twitter are already planning their fits for the summer cookouts and honestly, we think it’s beautiful. A new kind of chameleon is born!



That’s right don’t try to hate on the idea of a Black guy in a floral romper. IDC!

Within the romper conversation, Aparna Nancherla brings up a good point when it comes to the gender politics of this whole ordeal. As a man, if you consider yourself to be one, you shouldn’t be concerned with what other people think of you regarding your clothing. If you think it’s alright to wear a romper, then you aren’t less of a man for wearing one. It’s not different or revolutionary for men to be wearing things like it. Trust and believe Scottish men wearing kilts still feel very manly.

So basically @aparnapkin telling men to get over themselves when it comes to another man’s fashion in a critical way. Her Twitter page is full of socially conscious tweets like this to keep yourself #woke


2. @pettyblackgirl on Simon Bile’s Smile










They said her smile wasn’t “authentic” & they wanted “rawness,” then told her to smile while receiving criticism. I’m glad she clapped back. https://t.co/TqfahWPWDj

— nañi (@pettyblackgirI) May 9, 2017

Nañi aka @pettyblackgirl is well known for her relentless fight for racial equality and gender equality. She makes it her duty to expose systematic racism and white media. She’s so diligent with it that she’s become a rightfully so scary figure to racist in these Twitter streets.

Look at this, she scared this person into idiocy. I mean her @ name is “pettyblackgirl” so what did you expect, just a pretty face passive Black girl? Racist love complaining I swear.

In this tweet she brings attention to something that happened during Dancing With The Stars. At the end of Olympic Gold Medalist Simone Bile’s dance they said she had perfect form and danced flawlessly, but they did not think her smile was genuine enough. Her second dance of the night was also impeccable, but they wanted her to smile while they were judging her, to which she responded “smiling doesn’t win you gold medals.”

I was like “YAAAAAS Simone tell they preppy selves what it’s like to be a winner!. This is a prime example of how Black folks stay getting penalized for not playing by the “corporate white game.” Those judges deserve that clapback because even though she executed her routines perfectly, they couldn’t find anything better to say but for her to “smile more genuinely.” What was Simone not smiley and friendly enough to want to braid each others hair?

@pettyblackgirl comments on lesser known things like this and other news concerning Black people, follow her if you’re tired of journalist ignoring Black struggles.


3. @jaboukie Yung White on Steven Spencer Rally

If a good tweet is referred to as a “gem,” then Jaboukie Young-White’s Twitter account is the Zales Diamond Store of Twitter.

He’s a comedian yes, one with a strange profile pic as comedians usually do, but he always makes witty posts about current social justice topics, and our current political state. 

This tweet for example is so simple but come on, using a Future song that came out like a few weeks ago to imply that alt-right leader Richard Spencer and his gang of rallying Trump supporting thugs are in actuality closet KKK members is golden. It’s so for the culture.

This is not even his best work however; one of my favorites is this one below.

Tweets like this break the monotony of scrolling on Twitter because of how bizarre but funny it is. Like we  haven’t even thought of a business romper yet…could that become a thing?

If you’re ready to get even more #Woke and are in need of a laugh, then check out his page.


4. @HalfAtlanta on Thugs Ruining Graduation

Y’all remember the protest those Black graduates were doing against Betsy DeVos, and how some people were angry at them for disrespecting her?

Well, it’s beautiful how these things work sometimes, because this week a video surfaced of a bunch of white “savages” as HalfAtlanta so appropriately put it, fighting during a graduation at Arlington High School over seating. You can even hear the graduation music playing in the background and the Black people holding the camera saying things like “Really? During a Graduation?!”


There’re not really savages. I mean…not in a real sense. Maybe relative to educated people they do appear to be simple-minded fighting over a seat like that. But HalfAtlanta uses the wording to show exactly how white media describes news involving Black people. A network like FOX News title would use a title that grossly mars the identity of the people involved. If the savages were Black in this instance, white media would use headlines like:

“Gang of Thugs Riot During Graduation Ceremony, Incurring Damage on Two Chairs”

HalfAtlanta is a writer and photographer who focuses on things like this: how Blackness interfaces with identity, the Black struggle, Blackness and art as his name #BlackArtMatters suggest. He also often talks about the Black LGBTQ community.

He is such an extremely talented writer his articles that touched on Blackness, art, and Black art in white spaces. We love the message he presented ; about how he’s anticipating the time where Black people will be able to create art that’s not about the ghetto or oppression and still have it be appreciated as much as mediocre white art.

Because God knows there are too many art pieces of random objects by white people. Follow him to stay up to date on the Black art world and his journey through it.


5. @Ziwe and #ComeyMemo

@Ziwe has her own series titled Baited on AboveAverage. In this satirical comedy skit show she has white co-workers talk about race and she intentionally makes them uncomfortable by tricking them into saying borderline racist things. Through this medium she blows up micro-aggressions to a point where the racism isn’t so “micro.”  She brings up every facet of the Urban Chameleon experience in a hilarious way.

It’s much like her Twitter page; she’s clever with the memes and she’s able to present her opinion on things while being amazingly funny at the same time. Like, in the tweet above, she uses this somewhat older meme of Kim Kardashian on her reality show dropping “hints” or shade that isn’t as discreet as she may think. This week James Comey released his “memo” which is basically a diary he keeps detailing every interaction he has with anyone. He implies in the memo that Trump was trying his best to squander the investigation on him. In this manner he’s dropping hints that Trump is guilty, but at the same time it’s less than a hint and more of a straight-up “Your president is in cahoots with Russia impeach him rn.”

Her show though…is so funny we guarantee that you will laugh. We’ll even bet new Timbs on it. 


6. How to be #whitewoke with @cxcope

Scrolling on Twitter right and we see this video, a very nice heartwarming video of a group of Black women encouraging a skater to land a trick he was struggling with.

Then I look at the caption “Black women will save the world if we’ll let them.” Alright yes very good sentiment, but what caught me a little bit was the profile pic of the guy who reposted this video. A white man said this, and he says a lot more things like this on his profile.

No, he doesn’t specifically point out things about Black women only, but he claims to be an ally for #BlackLiveMatter in his bio. Ok, so I take a dive into his profile and yes this man is a relentless ally. He receives a lot of hate from his own people, but that comes with the advocacy anyway. He doesn’t seem to be doing it for attention. Nowhere does he describe a Black person as “chocolate” or any other brown object so you know he’s the real deal. He supports Black businesses at times by promoting them online, and he realizes the influence Black people have on popular culture.

Clearly he can tell this is a soft spot for white racist.

And he picks at it deftly with exaggerated statistics (maybe not so exaggerated, I’d say about 98% of all popular media realistically). If you got a white friend that doesn’t know what it looks like to be white and woke, or if you are white yourself and you’re having trouble meshing with your Black peers, this man will get you #whitewoke right quick.



7. @MatthewACherry Discovers Star @isaiahxavier10 and Jordan Peele gets involved

If you know anything about the app Musical.ly, you know there are a lot of cringey white kids making videos on it. If you don’t know about it, it’s better if you don’t… but it’s basically a video app that makes your movements sort of quick so it looks cinematic, and you can add music.

Twitter took a liking to Isaiah’s incredibly creative videos and it caught the eyes of Filmmaker Matthew Cherry and he hyped the kid’s work until it got recognition from directors by the likes of Jordan Peele, director of Get Out.

Imagine Jordan Peele even recognizing any of your creative work, like we might be witnessing a Black Ellen DeGeneres moment. The making of another successful Black director is unfolding right before our eyes!

Anyway, this isn’t really about Peele even though it’s a big part of the story. It’s rather about how #FilmTwitter looks out for each other, and how cool Matthew is for presenting this young man’ talent. On his Twitter page he often promotes smaller Black film fanatics, and he critiques films himself, a lot of the time pointing out the lack of diversity in most of them. Follow him if you want to stay in the Black film Twitter loop, or if you just want to stay updated on all the movies coming out.

Also, @isaiahxavier10’s Musical.ly videos are the best I’ve ever seen as I said before. I recommend looking out for this young creative.

8. @localblactivist on Miss USA

Now THIS is a nuanced joke.

“Aunt Jemima headass” is an advanced way of calling someone a coon. In short, Aunt Jemima was created as a comforting sort of iconography for white people, because it was often Black women that raised young white kids as nannies. So here Black History Heaux compares this year’s Miss America to that white-centric iconography because she holds some questionable opinions that benefit white people mostly.

In response to a question of whether or not she thinks healthcare should be a privilege or not, our Black Feminist Miss USA says she things healthcare IS a privilege. Of course people were angry at this statement, especially Black Twitter, justifiably so because the answer was all over the place. First she says that because she is a government employee she has healthcare, which is a privilege right off the bat, and then she says we need more jobs which right now is a whole ‘nother monster to tackle, and also not completely related to the healthcare crisis. Additionally, Black people will benefit immensely from free healthcare so why would she neglect her own people when she knows this. Whether you agree @localblactivist is calling out something worth talking more about #dontgettickled


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