5 Reasons to Get Your Friend #WhiteWoke With Dear White People

By Dale St. Marthe and Team Tickles

1. The Drama

Let me tell you something. When I sat down to binge watch Netflix’ show new show Dear White People by Justin Simien, pretzel bag in hand and er-thing, I prayed that I wasn’t in for some cheap urban drama, with overly stereotypical characters. Hoping that a new Black show doesn’t fail on television is the same as hoping the news doesn’t report that another suspect that did something real cray is Black. It’s a lot of pressure to be Black in society and being that I did not see the feature movie, Dear White People I didn’t know what I was in for. But what I got from the new TV series was not only  drama, but very GOOD drama. You’ve never seen drama like this from any show on TV. Not from The Real Housewives of Atlanta, not from Scandal, not even from This is Us, none of that! What we got here is a totally different kind of multi-dimensional drama: drama that’s on some grand illuminati stuff. There’s drama around gender, there’s drama around school clubs, there’s juicy relationship drama and surprisingly no baby-momma drama. There’s drama in the universities’ past that mingles with drama in the present, there’s drama around race and within races. It’s as if House of Cards and The Get Down had a multi-racial baby that I totally want to hang out with.  This show will have you running through ALL your munchies.


2. The Music
Tired of listening to Kendrick’s weird voice on shuffle all day? Want to enjoy your music without rappers telling you about things you don’t have, and drugs you won’t take? Well Dear White People’s soundtrack is full of the bumps that will take you out your post- “Bad and Boujee” slump. The music is perfect for an Urban Chameleon as it ranges from the smooth jazzy artistry of Kris Bowers, to songs like Trap Niggas from Future, if you want to get back into that vibe. The majority of it however is really smooth and lowkey. That won’t stop me from dabbing at every drop though.



3. Get Everybody Woke Including Your White Friends #whitewoke
You know what we Urban Chameleons need to do…get our white peers to watch it with us and get them white work. You have to lure them innocently. Tell them other co-workers will be there so they feel safe…just a nice Netflix and chill along with Sarah and Brad. Entice them further with a mainstream painfully white show…let’s say…13 Reasons Why on Netflix, and then boom you switch it up on them last minute, Like did they really think you were going to endure more whiteness than usual?


Really though, the show condenses so many facets of the Black experience in America, and does it so sharply that you WILL leave your room tired but woke af. This series could alternatively be referred to as “A Guide on How to Not Be an Embarrassingly Ignorant White Person.”


4. The Humor
Urban Chameleons will appreciate the humor in this series a lot. I feel like Justin Simien took this opportunity to say the things he couldn’t say in private school and flew with it. He also took many shots at the coons you might find at some of these private institutions. One of my favorite running jokes in the show is how the Black students deal with this overly exuberant uppity Black girl who holds her dog named “Sorbet” like Paris Hilton. They give her this look a lot:


Another of my favorite moments from the show is centered on labels and gender, and when one person says “I don’t concern myself with labels” the other person says “Those labels keep people in Florida from drinking Windex.” Which is true they really be tweakin done there…stay woke.
5. Black. Art.
2017 is our year, we taking over, we takin everything. We gotta manifest destiny on intellectual property you feel me? And this is not us trying to prove anything to anybody. It’s simply to uplift ourselves. Even if a show or movie is wack as hell, if it’s made by a Black person you betta support them. Especially considering how much mediocre white shows that are made. Throw them bands out!



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