President Trump Brings Light Colin Kaepernick Urban Chameleon Plight

By Rod Snow

Man, man, man… you know, Donald Trump said he’s bringing back jobs to America. So why in the hell is he deliberately trying to prevent San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick from getting a job – in his home country of America?

Amazingly, the President brags and boasts about how ALL the jobs will come back to America, yet he takes “proud” credit for making Kaepernick unemployed. Here’s the exact comment Donald Trump made:

“NFL owners don’t want to pick him [Colin Kaepernick] up because they don’t want to get a nasty tweet from Donald Trump”

Almost 100 days into his term he’s already stopping people from keeping their American jobs. The lies are non stop with this guy. And I’m talking about NFL jobs – jobs that players worked their ENTIRE lives to get. These aren’t jobs that he’s sending out to foreign nations… these are jobs that he clearly doesn’t want the black side of Kaepernick to benefit from.


In 2016, Trump said the following about Colin Kaepernick’s actions:

“I think it’s personally not a good thing, I think it’s a terrible thing. And, you know, maybe he should find a country that works better for him. Let him try, it won’t happen.”

As Urban Chameleon we know that as you stop tap dancing and let your “Black” side out… shit gets real.


Kaepernick can continue being this guy and potentially leave a legacy of actually trying to make America great… for the first time.

Colin Kaepernick











OR go back to being this guy more safe for “white America.”

However, Trump has a 37% approval rating. His health bill didn’t pass. And he has a messed up wig piece. This dude needs to be worrying about other thing than Kaepernick’s biracial ass.

Trump is losing more and more friends and making more and more enemies quickly, which is a shame ’cause who is he going to count on to help build that wall?



Real talk, if you’re Black and or look Black and THINK you have a “secure” job, Donald Trump says you have 2 options in life:

1) Speak up about Black issues, potentially lose your job, and be a martyr, or…

2) Remain a in shackles in the sunken place working under the rich white owner who owns your black and or biracial ass

If you choose option number 1, you better have a backup plan ready, because that degree in “Communications” that you got from college may not even be enough to get you a job to get fired from.

Or, if you choose option number 2… keep working, but make sure you have 50 Cent’s “Make Money Selling Crack” program nearby just in case you need it. #UrbanChameleonproblems




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