Urban Chameleon Breakout Performance on NPR Tiny Desk Performance 0

These #UrbanChameleons bring musicality to a whole new level. The group is called Tank and The Bangas and they blend hip-hop, rap, and spoken word into an unexpected experience that will have anyone tapping along. What makes them Urban Chameleons? They are unexpected for those who’s imaginations of what folks of color can do. If you heard them before you saw them you would never see them coming.

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Funnel Cake Flowers Urban Chameleon news reporter tickles.tv

Are you an Urban Chameleon? 

Urban Chameleons are people of color who chameleon between white corporate America and their kinky hair handling, curry spice eating, hip-gyrating America. Funnel Cake Flowers, our resident Urban Chameleon news reporter gathers stories from people just like you who just need to “release” to a community who understands and gets your pain. Read what others have already submitted. Have an Urban Chameleon story? E-mail at tickles.tv@gmail.com

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