Michelle Obama Hair Texture-Teased (and tickled) Us 0

michelle obama hair







Michelle Obama left the White House and was finally able to get her Urban Chameleon ON!

Around this time five years ago, the natural-hair-blog streets went into a full tailspin when a photo of Lady Obama wearing a kinky, curly, asymmetrical style circulated the internets.

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Funnel Cake Flowers Urban Chameleon news reporter tickles.tvAre you an Urban Chameleon? 

Urban Chameleons are people of color who chameleon between white corporate America and their kinky hair handling, curry spice eating, hip-gyrating America. I’m  Funnel Cake Flowers, the resident Urban Chameleon news reporter who gathers stories from people just like you who just need to “release” to a community who understands and gets your pain. Read what others have already submitted. Have an Urban Chameleon story? E-mail me at  tickles.tv@gmail.com


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